Antisemitism in Ukraine – 2021: trends, facts, ideas - VIDEO


January 28, 2021, 20:00  ZOOM

The situation in Ukraine was on the first pages after the Revolution of Dignity and the beginning of the war. The issue of antisemitism in our country has attracted a lot of attention also. Moreover, the speculation on the level of antisemitism in Ukraine was an important element of the propaganda campaigns in the context of the Russian’s informational support of the aggression. In 2019, when the Ukrainian nation has supported the ethnic Jewish candidate in the presidential elections with 75% of votes, the framework of the discussion has changed.
So, what is the situation with antisemitism in Ukraine now?

From the presentation, we learn the statistical data, which is based on systematic hate crimes monitoring. We will discuss the most important points of the antisemitic hate speech in today’s Ukraine also. And, of course, we will talk about the influence of the COVID-19 on the situation.

The meeting is leading by the head of the Monitoring Group for the Rights of National Minorities, historian, political analyst Vyacheslav Lykhachev.

About the speaker: Vyacheslav Likhachev is a historian and a political analyst. He is the author of the books Political Antisemitism in Post-Soviet Russia: Actors and Ideas and  Right-Wing Extremism in Ukraine: the Phenomenon of “Svoboda”.

The meeting is organized by the Zionist Federation of Ukraine (ZFU).
With the support of the Department of Diaspora Affairs in WZO, Vaad of Ukraine, KUZ, and the Dutch Jewish Humanitarian Fund.


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