History of the Studio


Any contingency that can dramatically change our life could be viewed both as an obstruction so as opportunity for development.

The first version of the studio named “Limonad-S” was created as a private project at the beginning of coronavirus danger when providing offline events became unreal – in the end of March 2020. At that moment in its name the studio applied to the quote that became popular after the book by Dale Carnegie: “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade”. And this quote perfectly reflects the new world situation that changed our consciousness and forced to implement projects in new unusual conditions.

Since December 28 studio has been renamed “Diye-Slovo”. The name was changed as a result of a gradual change of the topics of studio lectures. The topics have evolved from popular and even quite simple sometimes to academic so the old name no longer matched the goals of new projects.

At the moment online studio “Diye-Slovo” continues its activities, invites new speakers and holds other interesting meetings. It has its regular audience that grows from lecture to lecture.

The main partners of the studio are Zionist Federation of Ukraine, Vaad of Ukraine, Certificate programme in Jewish Studies and Institute of Philology and Journalism at Taurida National V.I. Vernadsky University.

Activity of the studio includes online lectures, presentations, concerts and interviews. And all the time it complements by new events.

We welcome for collaboration everyone who can make a lecture, workshop, concert or anything that we didn’t even thought about yet.

We invite listeners and viewers. We invite advertisers and sponsors.

We are open to any ideas and undertakings.


You can contact us by:

Email: diyeslovo2020@gmail.com;

Email: limonadonline@gmail.com;

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DIYESLOVOonline