Seminar-lecture on the history of Zionism and Jewish history in a Zionist key for teachers of Jewish disciplines and employees of educational programs of Jewish communities of Ukraine, as well as for students and teachers of Jewish disciplines in Ukrainian universities involving representatives of the Zionist Federations of Europe.

Place of Activity: on the basis of the on-line studio "Diye-Slovo". The studio was created to hold on-line events due to quarantine.

The project aims to familiarize the members of the Zionist Federation of Ukraine with the work and projects of the Zionist Federations of other countries. Leaders and members of the Zionist Federations of Bulgaria, Sweden, Germany, USA, Belgium, as well as representatives of Israeli Zionist movements and organizations will be invited to participate in the project.

The issue of Zionism and its history began to be raised in the post-Soviet space only in the 90s of the twentieth century after Ukraine gained independence. Over the last 30 years, much has been done to familiarize representatives of the Jewish community with this theme, but nevertheless, many issues remain unresolved until now.

The main goal of the project: to familiarize teachers of Jewish disciplines and education workers in the communities with the work of Zionist Federations of other countries, their projects, and activities in order to create platforms for finding ideas for joint project activities.


The project is carried out by the Zionist Federation of Ukraine.
Project partners: World Zionist Organization, Vaad of Ukraine, Confederation of United Zionists, Jewish communities of Ukraine, and others.


The Jewish community of Ukraine has more than 250 thousand people. Currently, in Ukraine, there are more than 30 Jewish schools and kindergartens. There are departments of Jewish history in the universities of Kyiv, Kharkiv, Dnipro, etc. This theme is more relevant today than ever.


Tue, 12/22/2020 - 14:43